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Contemporary Still Life paintings

How I became a painter

First painting of Jean-Pierre Walter

I was 10 years old when I discovered Lubin Baugin's picture "Still Life on the Chessboard" in my classical history book. I was so impressed by the sense of detail, the realism of the objects that I dreamed of being one day a painter, and if possible to paint as well.

It was a little later that I could "tartouiller" my first painting in oil. It was a very modest composition with a chessboard in front of a red curtain with a pawn and a pipe. Having no particular ability or skill in this domain and despite my desire, I had to choose another path because, as they said at this time: "Artist, it's not a profession !"

The years went on doing various odd jobs but always with this dream in a corner of my head. I took advantage of my free time to draw and by dint of patience, obstinacy while blessing incessant encouragement of my tender wife, I officially became at the beginning of 2005 professional painter affiliated to "La Maison des Artistes". I realized my child dream at 38 years without having the least knowledge in this job but with the enthusiasm of a youngster.

First painting of Jean-Pierre Walter

The beginnings were not easy. If I felt very comfortable in front of the easel, selling was another matter. Fortunately, the Internet was then booming and a site named Ebay was a great success. I started with the sale of some studies of nudes, of Art Deco portraits and surrealists but the Still Life remained for me an obvious one. Considered a minor art in France, the selling prices on Ebay were not very high. It was, however, a rich and positive period to understand how to learn my job.

As I managed a little in English, I was also trying to sell my paintings abroad. Very quickly I would record my first sales in the USA and Ireland. Today, my paintings are present in 33 countries (see list below). The United States, the United Kingdom and Australia are now my biggest collectors and total more than 65% of the 2100 paintings done to this date.

The daily work

Jean-Pierre Walter

I have been doing this job full-time for 12 years now with a very modest and discrete success and if it sounds repetitive from the outside, I always enjoy preparing my linen supports or those in MDF with my 14 layers like made the Flemish masters 500 years ago. I remain amazed to see the light emerge from simple tubes of colors while my goal, through serene and elegant compositions in chiaroscuro, always aims to create an intimate link between the viewer and the painting by attaching me to what the light reinforces dramaturgy.

Like any self-taught artist, I was long complexed not to have received technical education but over the years, by dint of drawing to preserve my freedom of composition, thanks to numerous readings, experiments of all kinds and work, I was able to acquire different approaches. Thus, according to the necessity of the final result, I use the simplest techniques such as the "alla prima" to that dating from the Renaissance where an underlayer called "grisaille" is practiced before several thin layers of colors called "glacis". So I adopt this technique from the beginning of the realization to capture the true essence of the objects so that the rendering is as natural as possible.

The studio of Jean-Pierre Walter

Unconditional Jean Siméon Chardin and lover of beautiful things, I have a lot of pleasure to integrate in my compositions beautiful objects. My paintings are generally classical. There are a few touches of nostalgia, others of humor or symbolism and a part always devoted to experimentation. Don't be surprised to see my objects fly, adopt behaviors as if they were human and other surreal things. Drying times can also seem strange and sometimes long. These drying times are necessary for a good preservation in the time of the paintings. As a result, some of the pieces have been realized over two years.

To give you a better idea how I work you can watch on YOUTUBE my VIDEO or follow my work on my blog or Facebook.

To this date, the main concentration of my work is in the USA, United Kingdom and Australia. Thanks to consider my work, to have taken time to read this text and don't forget that my paintings always look better in real life. ^^

I hope to have detailed enough on this page for making interesting this reading and thank you for your interest in Art as to support the artists.

Countries where I'm very honored that my paintings are :

Andorra, Australia, Austria, Bahamas, Belgium, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, China, Finland, France, Germany, Greece, Hong-Kong, Hungary, Ireland, Israel, Italy, Liechtenstein, Luxembourg, Mexico, Norway, Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Russia, Singapore, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, United Kingdom, United States.

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