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Still life with portrait of Chardin strawberries olives tribute by 
Jean-Pierre Walter still life painter flemish renaissance primitive oil technique

"Côté Chardin"

Oil on linen   •   54 x 65 cm   •   Painting n°21..    •   2017   •   In progress

This painting is a tribute to the most celeb French painter of still life Jean Simeon Chardin (1699-1779). The work on this painting started the 20th of June 2017 with the drawing. The grisaille completed after the red coat, the coloring started. For each new element treated, I will give you adequate explanations on their presence in my composition. To date, this painting already totaled 19 hours and 45 minutes of real work on.

1 - The still life on the wall : "Le gobelet d'argent" (circa 1768) - Oil on linen 33 x 41 cm which is in the Louvres. This is actually a reproduction I had made at the beginning of my career so much I was already fascinated by the work of Chardin. In my composition, it's the centerpiece of the painting. I was very surprised by the first touches of color to see that to obtain effects similar to Chardin, it was first necessary to work very transparent and liquid on the bottom while the wheelbase of the objects placed forward was important in a big difference. I think Chardin had to paint from far enough, probably with his arm extended to have such a touch, perhaps because of his pastel habit ...?!

2 - Olives : This is a reference to the famous painting entitled "Le bocal d'olives" painted in 1760 on canvas in a format of 71 x 98 cm that can be seen in Louvres. This piece impressed Diderot, who made a comment so laudatory that this picture became one of the most famous of Chardin. You can also see his famous glass in "V" that you find many times in the compositions of the artist. I love to paint this little glass which is on the left in my composition.

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